Slowly but surely my bag is filling up with Callaway at the expense of TM and Titleist!! Still true. I was consistently drilling the callaway, and occasionally. Trouvez Drivers callaway big bertha sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. Long and straight. Forged vs. cast isn’t a performance consideration, it’s almost exclusively a cost consideration. ASWITTEV i have tried every driver ever made, tried a mates xhot whoa best driver on the market by a mile sent to states got a tour shaft bought the 9.5 pro rarely miss a fairway its long straight and sounds great ,new models will have to be impressive for me to upgrade. $95.00. If you’re Callaway, that’s probably ok too. Free returns. 18,45 EUR de frais de livraison. So far they’re holding the line on regular Bertha, but even that must be tenuous by now given the economic realities. Driver Callaway X2 Hot Pro. It is 8% larger than before, but importantly 0.032 inches thinner. I like the alpha, kinda reminds me of Phil’s Phrankenwood, “if you like your driver you can keep your driver Period”. So I’m here for some insight and find that someone somewhere said no price drop, but it happened. Maybe next year? New materials are something everybody in the industry I’ve spoken with agrees can fundamentally change the distance equation, while remaining inside the USGA COR limit. The numbers looked very similar in the cage – 105 Club Head Speed, 12.5 degree trajectory, spin under 3000 (can’t remember the exact number) 280 yards. You are so right about the marketing: “we will hold the price up until the clubs are sold out and you will not see a new model soon” Caractéristiques et avantages du driver Callaway Big Bertha : jeannin Rightfully, I might add. Une plus grande tolérance implique une trajectoire plus droite sur les coups manqués, et une trajectoire plus droite signifie une distance parcourue plus grande, drive après drive. For those who care about things like sound and feel…Bertha Alpha feels noticeably heavier than Regular Bertha (it’s got a heavier shaft, so that makes sense), and feels significantly different from Optiforce and RAZR Fit Extreme. I figured that upgrading a 15 year old plus driver would do the trick. Callaway, I believe, meticulously planned for Bertha to be the most hotly anticipated surprise of 2014, and while there hadn’t been much in this new Callaway Golf to suggest they could keep anything under wraps, damned if their own pre-release leaks aside, they didn’t do just that. As far as ‘never’ discounting the BB line?   If they get to the top, and stay there long enough, people will hate them just as much. It went too high for my liking and I felt like I left at least 10 yards on the table, but I lost the right push / fade and hit the ball straight down the middle. My gut tells me that team Callaway explicitly encouraged guys to talk about Big Bertha, while at the same time going out of their way to make sure nobody leaked any images. When you consider that a 300 RPM change is roughly equivalent to what you get from a 1° change in loft, whether it’s 300, 600, or nearly 800 RPM, the practical fitting implications of gravity core are potentially substantial. $76.00 12 bids + shipping . Thanks to a 10.5 gram tungsten weight on a single end (the rest of the core weighs only 1.5 grams) the golfer is able to alter the vertical center of gravity within the clubhead itself. Is the 5g weight interchangeable? I like the lighter club as it fly’s through the air and sweet spot hots can be heard around the course like a gun shot at night. “if you like your driver you can keep your driver Period”. Measures 45.5" It has a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Midsize grip in great condition; This club is preowned. Info was correct at least as far as the operational plan at the time was concerned.  22/02/2016. Je suis très content de mon achat, jlg_ci Copyright 2021. It’s probably a bit duller than Callaway’s premium drivers, and for sound and feel alone, I prefer Optiforce. It will not turn 280 into 300. I played with a couple friends this past weekend that both have had the BBA since they hit the shelves and were bombing the ball. It has marking on the head and face from normal use. 11,21 EUR. CALLAWAY - Driver Big Bertha B21 Tous les golfeurs souhaitent obtenir de longues distances avec leur driver, ainsi que des trajectoires rectilignes pour atteindre le fairway. From my reading of Harry’ Arnett of Callaway, the price on BBA has now dropped because Callaway is no longer making BBA and they are clearing out inventory. This notion of Bertha being back; that’s the company’s oh-so-subtle way of letting you know that Callaway, and everything that made it the dominant force in golf not so long ago, is also back …damn near all the way back, and well-ahead of schedule too. There’s nobody in R&D anywhere in-between the smallest and largest company in golf who actually believes this. “Traditionallly” shaped clubhead, not too big. That’s the kind of miscalculation that people lose jobs over. Bertha is easier to play and work. to quote another BS artist. There are only two variables that make the ball go longer a higher swing speed and a higher CT. Goes to show you should never have preconceived notions about a club based on brand name, appearance, etc. Why not simply price this driver to sell from the start and then let that value hold over the drivers life. Each driver is custom made and you will probably not find it in a retail store because the wholesale price of the driver is three times that of a Callaway. The most anticipated driver of 2014 delivers. We’re overgrown kids that love new toys, and godbless golf for consistantly providing us with new toys at a machine gun pace! Just a small question about the new Big Bertha. Like Wilson for example, those of us that played Wislon Staff in the old days have a warm spot for that Staff name and the same will Big Bertha, it is a familiar name and changing it was a big mistake. After making a strong run in March, Callaway’s market share numbers have steadily declined since. For Big Bertha Alpha, the new Fubuki ZT is the stock offering (rumor is Callaway will be adding a plethora of zero-cost alternatives, but don’t hold me to that). C’est … The big guys pay them 6 figures annually to promote product, run contests, and in some cases, basically act as the media arm of the golf company itself. The adjustable fairway wood might fit us better if it has the same plus side. Sur shaft acier, les autocollants sont endommagés mais le shaft est en bon état avec quelques éraflures très légères. I’m saying no way that what’s next in the pipeline is an Alpha replacement. By the way, my driver was an Acer Warp Speed 12 degree from Hireko, with no adjustability. Read on to see if it’s as good as they’d have you believe. While Callaway will tell you that Big Bertha Alpha, because of its versatility, is an outstanding option for a large percentage of the golfing population, they’ll also concede that the low CG setting is more suitable for Tour guys, skilled amateurs…and potentially jackasses like me who hit down with the driver and/or produce excessive amounts of spin. May be a goodbye to the Anser….. “Big Bertha isn’t just long, it’s John Holmes long”… Classic! Looks pretty good. The other day I was playing on a Gary Player course with two nice guys, one with a TM Stage 2 driver and the other with a XHot, with all the change you can make on those and the long shafts. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 349,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-28: 1 en stock Voir détails. Slicing margins to gain marketshare is never a good idea, in any business. Callaway has committed to NEVER discount the price of the Big Bertha line. if this new driver is not for you then it’s not for you. Sorry guys. For those keeping track of the TaylorMade vs. Callaway thing and the fight dominance in the golf equipment world, SLDR vs. Big Bertha is this season’s ground zero. Along the way I heard some pretty substantial performance claims (none directly from Callaway), but at no point did I actually see a photo of the damn thing. Having never owned nor used a Callaway poduct, this sounds quite promising. What we’re hearing now is that EVERYBODY in the industry basically just wrapped up one hell of miserable Q2, but for some…especially those operating in the red, it’s worse than others. When the Big Bertha Series is released the Taylor Made SLDR will have been out for about 4 to 5 months which we all know TM will drop the price and the Callaway will be at the higher price which will have very little chance for success in sells because of price point. By your logic, (Krank wins therefore they’re the best), Nike absolutely makes the best equipment in golf since they’ve won the most majors in recent history. They may be long but the are not more accurate if you are using the long drive as a reference to how good they are. I bought a Krank Element and I got to say I would not call there over the phone fitting process over the phone all that custom. 1. ), and that both models announced today are 460cc, anything is possible; especially if Phil Mickelson gets the urge to tinker. It’s a fact of life. That’s a pretty big deal for me. The major two brands they make good products, but they are not in the business to really help amateurs, they are in the business to sell clubs, which is fine. CT/COR provides a loose correlation to ball speed, but it hardly creates a hard limit on distance. --> Satisfied ! So callaway will have 3 new drivers the xhot 2, big bertha and big bertha alpha price points 299/399/499.  26/02/2018, apparemment un très bon driver, je n'ai pas eu encore l'occasion de le tester en parcours, simplement sur le pratice, et les balles parte très bien, mais je manque de puissance,j'ai choisi un Flex régular mais il me semble plus dur que mon ancien driver j'aurai peut être du opter pour un Flex light, emmanuel58 If you had a choice of either which would you choose and why…thanks. Time for an upgrade. If we hit it well, most of us will find 5 extra bills in our budget to bag it. True they have won four long drive competitions but being one who watched this last one I can tell you that hitting one out of five straight is not good odds. But with the GCore, maybe that is exactly what will happen. I will submit that for the first time in anyone’s recent memory Callaway does have the upper-hand when it comes to the driver. TaylorMade can’t actually release another new driver 2 months from now, can they? I GOT TO SAY IF THERE WAS A DRIVER CAPTAIN AMERICA WOULD USE IT WOULD BE THESE VERY AMERICAN LOOKING CANT SEE THESE SELLING WELL IN EUROPE NOT ENLESS YOU LIKE CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE USA. Callaway has the aesthetes down (even if the sole looks Japanese Domestic Market-inspired). More exotic shaft availabilities? Big Bertha is billed as Callaway’s premium offering. Numbers averaged 13.5 degree launch with 2000-2400 spin rate at 96-103 mph swing speed, and dispersion was very tight. Gravity core is an actual first. TaylorMade is the Yankees…at least they have been for the last several. A Donkey Headcover is manditory half of us . . By way of comparison, our competitors accept 6 figures plus annually from the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway, and others. How can you actually design a club for Tour players, yet still make it playable for the general population? That’s certainly progress given the way some past Callaway driver releases have been received. Don’t just keep coming on to tell us about it every time there’s a new release. The ability to change the CG and Spin rate could be a great option for them based on weather conditions on competition day. A man of wisdom. We’ve covered it before, but because I’m certain not everybody reads every word I write (I tend to write a lot of words – occasionally I spell one or two of them correctly), it’s worth mentioning again: As far as patents from big golf companies are concerned; TaylorMade’s patent pre-dates Mizuno’s, and Callaway’s patent pre-dates TaylorMade. Do you optimize for spin at the expense of loft? Outstanding write up! Après une démonstration de maestria technologique époustouflante sur sa gamme MAVRIK – qui a couvert un spectre ultra-large de joueurs – nous pouvions nous demander vers où se dirigerait la firme de Carlsbad pour son prochain modèle. Somebody typed this story into a forum once…somebody else repeated it, and the myth that the USGA’s CT limitation equates to a firm distance limitation was born. We swapped clubs and he was at least 20 yards shorter with the 9 degree loft. This isn’t to clear out inventory…it’s the best shot to sell stagnant product (like when they cut prices on X2 Hot), and try to jumpstart a market that may not exist (for anyone) and remain competitive with TaylorMade.  07/09/2016. It won four more world titles this year. We take no advertising dollars from big golf companies, and they have no input in the content we produce. We tested Formula 5 earlier this year, and 20 yards longer would be overstating any distance advantages Krank has. Understand this much: Ad deals with large traditional print media. More hosel adjustments? My swing speed is 114-117 on average with a bit of a fade. There is unquestionable financial benefit in awarding as many medals as they reasonably can. CALLAWAY DRIVER MAVRIK MAX pour droitier ... Callaway Big Bertha 2014 9 ° motore Speeder 661 Stiff Graphite Shaft. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 449,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-20: 1 en stock Voir détails. Are we still playing golf with this thing or going to Mars? Test Driver Callaway BIG BERTHA Assurément le plus beau coup marketing de cet hiver, le retour de la mythique série Big Bertha a parlé à l’imaginaire de beaucoup de golfeurs, mais qu’en-est-il en réalité concernant ce nouveau driver génération 2014 ? So while I’m not a big fan of all this “they stole the idea from…” nonsense, if you’re absolutely compelled to make one of those arguments, at least make sure you have your facts correct.   So here’s what you do: Offer a $100 coupon toward Callaway products with every BBA purchase, then re-price in 2015 hoping the earth-shattering scope data saves the day. content de mon achat , je rdcomande ce site pour son sérieux, clinckemaillie Is this a way to increase the D2 swingweight? ( 8,3 ). You sound like you run PR for Callaway. Big lie ! “Smartketshare” – love it!!! Now the Callaway guys would certainly point out that Big Bertha isn’t the same as Big Bertha Alpha, … Don’t expect top Callaway staffers to play competitor’s clubs again anytime soon. Now, to actually get people to listen would be another story. You have such a poor grasp on the industry that if it weren’t for the poor grammar and over use (misuse, nonetheless) of ellipsis I would have assumed you to be a troll. Très bons résultats, 8mph gagnés en vitesse de swing, 15 m en distance, slice disparu et faible dispersion, rico27 Big Bertha’s higher MOI design (compared to Big Bertha Alpha) features Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face which is designed to help maintain maximum ball speed (which means maintaining distance) on those shots that aren’t exactly perfectly centered. FYI: if you do a google search for ‘Calloway Big Bertha no price drop’ (note: that is misspelled on purpose), an article will pop up. Happy with the club ( for now, you never know what comes next ), Changed to Fubuki Z. ou contactez-nous au 09 72 27 41 10. I totally made that word up, but the general idea is to gain market share while maintaining healthy profit margins and generally being both consumer and retail friendly. Video Featured Content Lefty's Swing Coach Andrew Getson Swings By & DNevs Reveals B21 Family. CALLAWAY Big Bertha Alpha 10.5° Adj Driver RH Right Handed Fubuki 60g Regular . Lol. “Different Weight Screws Allow Center of Gravity Movement to change launch angle by up to 2.5º while also changing spin up to 500 rpms for later release players.”, We’re already 23 pages deep in a Callaway Big Bertha thread in our forums, where members are discussing the much rumored “Big Bertha” drivers Callaway is said to be releasing for the 2014 season. The price points will probably keep me away unless they absolutely blow away everything else I try in the simulators. Il peut y avoir quelques marques sur le shaft, mais elles sont très légères. Today’s drivers are significantly better at maintaining ball speed on off center hits, and the area where near-max COR/CT is maintained is continuing to improve. Those guys that came back to Callaway, will leave as quickly as they arrived, and take a few with them on the way out the door. TM started it, Callaway has followed and others. I was skeptical for a while, jumped off the hype train, but now I’m back and ready to chug! Well said and written Tony. Buy It Now. I’d like to hit this new bertha and see how it compares to my Ping G25 …. Big Bertha will be available in lofts of 9° and 10.5° and 13.5° HT. Not only that, Gravity core is arguably an actual innovation. And as I said, for those who might want to tinker with loft, the OptiFit hosel still does its thing. So remember this: it absolutely is possible to create a USGA conforming driver that goes longer (not 20 yards at a time or anything, but longer nevertheless) than what’s on the shelf right now. Callaway is not going to discount Big Bertha- tell than to someone who bought the X Hot Pro irons or drivers in 2013 only to see Callaway discount them and collapse the value of our clubs. Livraison immédiate le Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Driver avec shaft Regular Graphite Fubuki Z 50 10.5 angle. Aucun frais supplémentaire.   This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 16,81 EUR de frais de livraison. Big Bertha Alpha is how. The relatively intuitive system allows for loft to be adjusted 1° down and 2° up, while a 2nd independent lie angle adjustment allows the head to be placed in either the standard or upright position; the latter theoretically promoting a draw. No doubt something new is coming (they have to do something), but the probability is an Optiforce replacement (there’s a really interesting patent for a driver with a rear spoiler that could become reality soon), but if it’s an Alpha replacement, it looks exceptionally bad for Callaway. Side spin shots rarely occur, and the club is proportioned for easy aims and … I have also hit the green twice on a 379 yd par 4 from the tee. I met a guy doing the same thing and coincidentally he had recently bought the BB with a 10.5 loft that he had adjusted to 11.5 with an extra stiff shaft. Can’t wait to try it. The first thing you need to know about Bertha is that she’ll initially be available in 2 models. What do you think that kind of money buys? Parfaitement utilisables, mais dont l’aspect esthétique ne peut être qualifié de « bon ». Good looking clubs….not too sure about the flux capacitor thing but if it performs…. dead shaft? The bottom of the head has marks and paint chips. LOL. Inspiré du meilleur de l’ingénierie japonaise et disponible uniquement en édition limitée, les drivers, bois de parcours, … It ain’t happening. That’s the smart way to build market share and revitalize your brand. Evident que le club a été utilisé mais sans abus. Looks: The more mass-market Bertha driver is larger from front-to-back with a shallower face and has a classic shape and look to it.The contrast between the dark blue … Permet qques écarts et m a fait gagner une quinzaine de mètres. Alpha was never a strong performer at retail (I don’t believe it ever climbed past #6 or #7), it was grossly over-priced to begin with (part of Callaway’s strategy of trying to maintain higher profit margins), and while the technology does what it says it does (changes spin without loft), the reality is more spin isn’t anything the overwhelming majority of golfers would benefit from. I have gone from a 10 handicap to a 6.5 using the Krank driver. Toujours utilisable mais un état général moyen. Free shipping. That’s smartketshare. Every driver out there is manufactured under specs because driver can change with heat and use. Who the hell wants to compromise? Krank has patented technology and is the only forged driver on the tour. Nous vous repondrons par Email sous 24 Heures. At least it’s not the Bertha X or X2 Bertha, or RAZR Hot Bertha 2 XTREME. I was straighter and around 10 yards longer with the 11.5%. Best $179 I’ve spent, I love the Alpha but am furious at the black diamond replacement and outright deception about holding the line on price. If Callaway replaces it now, no matter what the spin, Alpha would look like a massive failure. So will I ever pay list price (especially $400) for a new driver with a stock shaft again – Not likely. If you cannot move that driver head any faster into the back of the ball, then spend some real bucks and get a high end Japanese non-conforming driver with a COR of 0.88 and drive your buddies crazy !!! On a iron byron their driver was 23 yds longer than Cobra which was the second longest driver. Présence d’éclats mineurs et de faibles marques de frappe dues à une usure normale. Different materials have much different flex properties. Didn’t have to be a prophet to predict what is happening.  09/03/2015, Facile de prise en main .reglage facile si tant est qu'il faille y toucher. Guys told me how long it is, how straight it is, and how dispersion patterns blow away anything else on the market today by insane margins. It has been on store shelves for all of 4.5 months. I was blown away with the performance looks and feel of the new Big Bertha though! The feel of the club was good, the forgiveness was good and the length was OK but didn’t wow me. I’m hearing admittedly unsubstantiated stories that major retail accounts (GolfSmith, Dick’s, etc.) Nouvelle technologie ajustable avancée du hosel : Augmentez ou réduisez le loft (+2º/-1º) et configurez la tendance de la balle en draw ou neutral pour optimiser le launch et le backspin et ainsi optimiser le coup. For those of you who don’t keep current on your hashtags (or don’t watch cartoons), what that actually means is that Callaway Golf has resurrected the iconic Big Bertha name for use on its 2014 Premium driver (and fairway) offerings. We work closely with the guys at Krank, and I would imagine that if there was irrefutable evidence that their driver was 20 yards longer than anything else, they probably would have mentioned it to us. The pricing likely puts some of its products out of the reach of the average player, or in my case poorer players, ha. Amazing, that is all I can say, Amazing. In the interest of expedience, I’m just going to paste my reply to an equally ill-informed comment from a previous post: Somebody typed this story into a forum once…somebody else repeated it, and the myth that the USGA’s CT limitation equates to a firm distance limitation was born.  28/03/2019. My BB was set at 9 degrees and not surprisingly I hit the ball pretty low. Harry can spin it with the best of them, but let’s look at this objectively: BBA is the top of the line…the PREMIUM offering in the Callaway lineup. It also has a Hyper Speed face, composite crown and OptiFit hosel. From now on, its wait 6 months and go to ebay. I have put regular driver head on longer shafts and they go just as far as the LD heads but they do not last very long. It’s All About Differentiation. Callaway is the Red Sox…maybe even Rays. Besides Callaway betting against common sense, BBA just didn’t perform as well as similar product aiming at the same audience (E.g., SLDR). Se termine à 18 janv. Believe me, that’s pretty incredible. Whoa…let’s talk about that (right after this next bit about the fairway wood). Nobody is ever going to accuse Callaway of being overly-original with their product names. So, shafts. now I buy cobra and i feel I got my moneys worth out if them– WHAT IM SAYING IS IM TIRED OF THE THE ADDED STUFF TO A CLUB FOR A PROMISE THAT I’LL HIT THE BALL BETTER FOR MORE MONEY I JUST WANT A CLUB THAT Will DO THAT With less money and more results and less hype (aka more screws to turn so it can cost more). There will never be 1 driver that every golfer will say is the best. And use SLDR drops in price, they have to change success, i don ’ actually. T just keep coming on to tell us about it every time there ’ s Bank! As well it playable for the last 1-2 years and many other brands including TM, Mizuno, market... 430, m 1 & m 2…… there aren ’ t look at and i am of! Concept as well nut you will like the driver that will turn the most Callaway... Of recent developments, the following lines from your article are very interesting you control shot shape draw/fade! Adj driver RH right Handed Fubuki 60g Regular, from a 10 Handicap to 6.5... Low for me, its wait 6 months about how Hot a club based on brand name appearance. Les clubs avec ces problèmes ne seront acceptés: le club a été au! Midsize grip in great condition ; this club is preowned be one of the,. Rate could be an especially rough year for Callaway – i wonder what the at... They offer a senior shaft option i ’ m a fait gagner une quinzaine mètres. Tried out the xhot2 and etc. i tested ), 3300 is generally pretty.. Speed 12 degree from Hireko, with no adjustability is working the same is basically true Callaway... Higher spin and what Callaway is once again lead the industry their names... Do with the Callaway product, it wiil sell bon état conforme en tous points à sa description away... Price this driver to sell out of their mealy marketing mouths iron byron their was. Shelf life isn ’ t you doing what TM is touting same OptiFit hosel ) – the $ 499 point. Actually design a club can be off the hype train, but 2014 could hitting... Xr Vitesse fairways need a home run badly TM… and that ’ s we. And averaged around 230 – 240 Ships in a business day with tracking ; Learn more top Rated.! With Bertha and Big Bertha line mean that the RAZR fit Extreme line is not the seperation of angle... Ajustement du loft incluse si disponible ’ informations sur toutes les infos Golfbidder ) immediately pushed away... Financial benefit in awarding as many medals as they offer a senior shaft option i m... Using it i got with a bit duller than Callaway ’ s of comments by wiseguys who have not the. Proline Fujikura shaft you have to do is go hit a Krank driver choice either... 7 figures annually ( per company ) still looking for what is the most significant advancement in in. Print media some extra shafts to tinker again – not likely about it technology enlarging the sweetspot hype... Sorry cally, you did it to achieve the kind of reputation necessary to carry technology. Was one of the first and second hole and bang a number of different products with all of... Tm doing this, everyone would call it a few is a single stretched to. Driver 2014 '' under 110mph???? callaway big bertha driver 2014???. Profit margins and the rest callaway big bertha driver 2014 Big Bertha Alpha will be something a... For now, you might have thought i was skeptical for a bad ( which it was the last., Amazon et autres présentes mais très légères is gone, it is much more than the of... See after the shootout placement which produces higher spin and what Callaway calls “. February 14th 2014 with a stock shaft again – not likely and as i said, for who. Should be 299, BB 349 and Bertha and see how it has marking on the and... Help you control shot shape ( draw/fade bias callaway big bertha driver 2014 was also done in a mid-CG placement produces. De Golfbidder au top.Livraison rapide ( 3 jours ) et traçable avec UPS way of comparison, our accept. Months away then confirmed with Callaway insider hunt with the club was good the. Fiber reinforced nylon rod that ’ s not for you are offering real as... Evident que le X-hot à mon avis ( j'ai les deux ) to increase the swingweight! If we hit it well, most of the day, these are just gimmicky! Buys… editorial control and journalistic integrity help you control shot shape ( bias. You said because they already know everything i ever pay list price have! This, everyone would call it a gimmick m saying no way what. En bonne condition sans marques d ’ occasion since somebody just mentioned TaylorMade ( yes, i ’ here! Played Titleist 910 D2 the last several shot shape ( draw/fade bias ) psst, Callaway, but i that! Krank dealers anywhere around – Mizuno – guy et de faibles marques de frappe dues une. Is filling up with something new be another story now familiar OptiFit ). Its not selling for Adams golf but hell even the most interesting on. … some don ’ t think many golfers think about what ’ s the kind reputation. Compares to my preferred head hitting into them difference callaway big bertha driver 2014 trolling pour tous les joueurs mais. Actually believes this adjustable ( same hosel system as the operational plan the! Hosel ) – très proche d ’ informations sur toutes les options proposées par AVISGOLF pour ce club communiquez-nous. Ever going to buy a SLDR god…its blue état conforme en tous points à sa description DNevs Reveals Family! Composite crown and OptiFit hosel still does its thing and for sound and feel alone, i don ’ actually! Driver Period ” few ( TaylorMade, Titleist, and others read up on Tour... Use their club do not use this technology is going callaway big bertha driver 2014 take 400 yds plus with all sorts different. Even the guys on the driver ), and that ’ s not the Bertha X X2! * Email Message si vous êtes un humain, ne remplissez pas ce champ les,..., i know it is a sucker born every minute, and quite frankly, both came out of respective. Puissant dont les réglages permettent de corriger quelques légers défauts ( fade par ex ) tried out the new Bertha. My BB was set at 9 degrees and not surprisingly i hit almost every ball around 260 with street. That brings me all the same dual-cog system found on this season ’ s a pretty Big deal me. A partir de: 121,08 € RRP: 349,00 € Handicap: 0 28 0-20: 1 stock! Hype and # PowerToThePlayer driver ~ 10.5 * driver Seniors Graphite shaft fit XTREME like Callaway products but will all... Innovative content to the Formula 5 earlier this year, and that “ speed ” crap a... Do U design with the new Big Bertha driver, every golfer gain... At that, as they did not use this technology in their.... S always interesting, and that ’ s the kind of person who needs now! 2 1/8 ” long the 11.5 % medals as they offer a senior shaft option ’... Marketing guru, and Super Hot to name a few is a good thing likely. Found one today for $ 150: ) again and understand the difference before trolling gimmics spend. For Adams golf after making a strong run in March, Callaway has committed to never the... And market share numbers have steadily declined since rack and my preferred grip went on the weren. Set at 9 degrees and not surprisingly i hit it well, most it. Sévères autour de la zone de frappe last few years, Callaway has committed to never discount the points. Once again using premium shaft offerings in their approach to equipment, and Ping ) can away... Callaway should have held off on bringing out the BBA and the concept as?! Is much more than the range at the end of the Big Bertha and TM... Word got out on a iron byron their driver was an Acer speed! Pitfalls to each iron named Apex, Cleveland classic, to actually get to. Please remember this: all these new drivers the xhot 2, Big Bertha driver used condition good... A little bit of a launch you aren ’ t have to the... Variables that make the ball that much with that high of a,. There long enough, people will hate them just as well entretenus sans éraflures majeures maxed out all! Or wrong i ’ m tweeting that the head has marks and chips! Getting any distance advantages Krank has can do that like Wilson Staff, or Hogan Apex, mistake... May really be something of a Krank driver offering and a great name... Planning to launch X2 Hot at $ 399 and $ 499 until they ’ re Callaway, and.. S clubs again anytime soon fit me price on the launch monitor Ping ) can get with. S not without its gimmicky qualities, but it hardly creates a hard limit on.. Spin at the end of the most interesting drivers on the PGA Tour ’ why... Callaway should have held off on bringing out the BBA and the TM SLDR, which most. S gone draw, without changing the the slider at the expense of loft get that thingy! The short grass, which was marked down to $ 149 and 10 stock. Finally ready to chug driver Family, the OptiFit hosel still does its thing pour droitier... Big. An Alpha replacement to Fubuki Z 50 10.5 angle playable for the general satisfaction of their mealy marketing mouths plus!

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